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2015 Masters ~ The Secrets Out!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god we can finally let the cat out of the bag! I am hopeless with secrets and this one has been a biggie!!!!!
I am sooooo bloody excited and proud of this new venture!!!!

SBM Stamp MASTER pink

Feels like forever ago that we received the phone call!!

Of all days I was at yoga and left my phone at home, then went and got some groceries and I thought what the hey I bought myself a bunch fresh flowers too.
(Like my sixth sense knew I had something to celebrate. LOL)

Anyway I got home just unpacked the groceries and my phone rang.
Totally forgetting today was Masters D Day!

I answered and got the amazing news from Vanessa, It took a while for it to sink in!
I was like REALLY??? REALLY?? OMG!!!!!!

So damn excited and then I had to run around and tell someone before I exploded,
So I told hubby! And he said…… “That’s Nice Dear” WT!!
OK so I guess it is back to reality now! LOL

So for months I have been bursting and so afraid of slipping up! So glad this day is finally here now!!!!!

I think this was my 6th time in entering Masters over the past 10 years! So 6th time is a charm! LOL
I will share my Masters journey as soon as I get my hard drive back with all my old photos!

I have loved each and every entry I have ever done and to this day are still my faves!! At the end of the day that is what it is all about for me!

Congratulations to all my 2015 fellow Masters!
So looking forward to seeing your work over the next 12 months not to mention your Masters Entries!
And to those that just missed out this year there is always next year! Never give up!!!

And just like the morning of the phone call I am off to yoga again this morning!
Blissfully Happy! 🙂

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Leigh Stoodley

Congratulations Michelle. Can’t wait to see your creations.

Gayle Liston

That is wonderful news and you are so deserving of this. Well done and I home you have a fab year. I still have the circle journal we completed while members of Aus Scrap Central (a lifetime ago) and I often look at it and admire your pages. Yours is a true talent. Congrats.

Michelle Grant

Thank you Gayle, I still look through mine too! xxxx

Kerrie Gurney

Michelle this is fantastic news CONGRATULATIONS to you xo

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