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30 Days of Blog Lovin’ ~ Day #6

Day 6 and still going, well just. I am not really feeling it tonight, I am tired and feeling uninspired tonight. It has been a long week. I am relieved to finally have my resin class finished, so that is one thing I can tick off my list. I still have to do the photos and instructions and edit the video but at least the layout is done and all the samples so that is a start!  
I got out today to have afternoon tea with some gorgeous ladies, they never fail to make me laugh. Thank you Jenny, Deb, Bev, Trish, Joan & Ngaire. They always bring me so much joy and mischief! Love you girls! xxx

  Ok, I do have lots I have to say but tonight is not the night, I do know I have been re evaluating my reasons behind doing this 30 blog challenge. I feel like I have gone off the path of what my true intentions were. So I will have lots to share about that when I have a little more energy and when I am not so tired. Basically it comes down to me being scared to reveal my true inner thoughts and feelings and not just judgement from everyone else but also judgement of myself.
I really need a clearer head to articulate what I want to say about this, as I have trouble articulating what I want to say at the best of times.
Mum has arrived a night early so the next couple of days will be spent in the car! So I think I need an early night tonight!


 Night all, and thank you soooo much for your comments. I deeply appreciate each and every one of them! Hugs to you all! xxx


Wilma Voermans

Great journalpages!!! Love the quote about losing the shit to fly… true!


Michelle great journal page. And the layout. Hope your week goes better and you get some time to enjoy that new puppy. Read your blog entries backwards. thanks as always for sharing.

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