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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #8

Day 8 and still going, even though I am pretty buggered tonight. Sitting around the hospital all morning then driving the 5 hours back home has taken it out of me. Mum is all set for her treatment now and we had a good trip up and back. They are giving her a trial radium treatment that won’t take as long so she will only have to put her life on hold for 4 weeks instead of 6. She starts treatment in a couple of weeks and her and Dad will be taking their new caravan up to test it out before they start some bigger trips around Australia. So all is good.

I got to play with our new pup when I got home late this afternoon. She is so sweet and so full of energy, It was late when we got home so the light wasn’t very good and these where just taken on the iphone so not the best and not and easy task with a pup that couldn’t stand still. She is so full of life and energy and is so sweet. We have decided on Matilda (Maddie for short). I will get some better pics on my good camera soon.

She is already learning to pick the ball up and bring it back in one day. She is a very smart little dog and is a quick learner! It is nice to have another dog around the place again.  This is how most of the pics turned out, Just a Blur! LOL

Sorry guys that is all I have in me tonight, Lots going on in my head though so will be sharing that all soon! Anyway I am going to leave it there with these couple of pics of our mad dog Maddie, well she is not really mad, more like a whirlwind! LOL She is already making our hearts full, like I said to Don “The right dog will find us at the right time” and I definitely think she is it. She has a great nature and personality and is a super quick learner! I love her already! 🙂

Ok I am going to go and crash on the lounge for a bit, A rare treat for me these days!
Night All!


Mistra Hoolahan

Matilda is soooo cute! I can’t wait to meet her, she looks like she’s going to cause all the right kind of mischief at your place!

Good news for your mum… hope those 4 weeks fly by for her and go easy as they can.

Chill out time tonight darl… lets see if you’re in bed by midnight for once LOL!

Mis xo


Love Maddie’s coloring. Looks like she will bring lot of light and love into your home. thanks as always for sharing. Have you figured out that I am going the 30 days right along with you?

Debbie Kingston

Welcome Maddie !! I look forward to hearing of her mischevious antics over the coming weeks.
Well done on the blogging Michelle. I am now caught up and look forward to the next installment 🙂
Hugs to all. x x x o o o x x x

Michelle Grant

Thanks Deb, We will have to start planning your next tip up again too! 😉 😉

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