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Crafty Crusaders ~ “Rise From the Sea” Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Painting

“Rise from the Sea” ~ Pebeo Glass Painting with Vitrea 160
I am loving the chance to explore all these new mediums with the Crafty Crusaders Design Team!!
I have loved everything so far and these Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints are no exception.
This was so much fun and so easy to create! You really are only limited by your imagination and if imagination is a problem there are so many different designs out there and online to inspire you.
I have drawn this design from scratch that you will be able to download and printp out too. I have left sections in this plate design clear, I like how it changes the look of the plate depending on the background that it is sitting on. When I finished this design it reminded me of elements from the sea, turned different ways I could see a turtle, starfish and octopus legs and then the yellow sections remind me of the sun, so rise from the sea it is! LOL

When you are working with new mediums and colours for the first time, a handy tip I find helps me to get to know my colours and mediums is to create a colour template.
If you create it on a piece of acetate you can place it over different things to see how the colours look next to each other. Paint your mediums on the acetate over a piece of white paper. I store them by hole punching the acetate and adding it into a ring binder folder with the white paper in-between.
Don’t forget to name the colours as you go so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Colour Template on an Acetate sheet.
 With the Acetate over Grey paper to see how they change with different colours.

Now for the fun part lets make a pretty plate….

 Step 1: Draw a design that you want to use. I started with 2 circles and then drew 4 squiggly patterns to go out to the corners of the plate. Add some lines and circles and overlap patterns as you go.
Step 2: You can use a black pen to draw your design then use a white out pen to change some of the overlapping lines.
 You can download a PDF of this template to use HERE
Step 3: Outline the back of your plate design with the Vitrea 160 Black Pen. Because my plate is slightly curved I have a piece of foam under the plate to hold the pattern against the class, I have also used a little double sided tape to hold it in place.
Step 4: Go back over some of the lines if needed with the black.
Once you are happy with your design you can start colouring it in, 🙂
Step 5: Apply the Azure Blue to the section below. I found it easier to add blobs of the paint by pressing the end down and then spreading out the colour.
If you want to experiment with colours before trying it on your glass products you can place a piece of acetate over the design and play with different colours first.
Step 6: Using the Vitrea 160 pens, Apply the Turquoise to outline the other pattern then colour in with the Sandlewood Green.
I have also applied the Sandlewood Green to the small sections outside the center circle.
Apply the Aniseed Green to the spots and 4 leaf shapes around the middle.
Then apply the Citron Yellow to the center pieces and the outside shapes.
The rest is left clear at this stage.
 Step 7: Using the Brilliant 20 Veil White apply over the aniseed green with a brush on the dots & leaf pattern to make them less transparent and to make the colour more vibrant. Also apply white over the small circles down the pattern.

Step 8: Brush a little of the white over the yellow from the center out to add a variegated colour from opaque to transparent. this gives the colouring more depth too. I also applied white around the yellow outlines and in the center line patterns.

Step 9: I then decided to cover the blue center pattern with the white to make it more opaque and to make the colour pop a little more.
Step 10: I applied the Aniseed green to the outside edge frame and also added white over that.
Step 11: Leave to fully dry in minimum 24 hours then bake in an oven for 40 minutes at 160°C (325°F) (steady temperature) Place in a cold oven then when the temperature reaches 160°C bake for 40min then leave to cool in the oven. Is Dishwasher safe, washed on economy.
Love the effect it has up against natural light 🙂
Thanks for Looking xx