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TCR #170 ~ Shattered Dreams

This months Colour Room Palette was just perfect for this photo.  It is not your typical happy snap, This is a self portrait that my daughter took and I pinched this pic off her FB page. I love the arty and moody feel of the photo, but it also captures a challenging time in her life, I know that she is going to be so much stronger for it. No one wants to see their kids go through difficult times, I think it is the hardest thing to have to watch them live though their own life lessons. It is only natural that we want to protect them from the world. I am so proud of her and the amazing strong woman she has become. To me she will always be the unstoppable woman that got on a plan at 19 and went around the world on her own! So brave and so beautiful!


I used a toothbrush to create the texture in the Clay Heart and Butterflies. Love how it gave them a stone look finish. Read more