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Month in Review – March 2013

Ok, think I am caught up again on my Month in review posts again! I am sure the end of  April will

be here before we know it too!
We had another Very Wet Month in March, I don’t think I got one sunset photo this month. The few we did have I was to busy to go out and capture.

Weekend Workshop
I had my first Weekend Workshop, I am so happy it was a huge success. I was exhausted for the week after it! A happy exhaustion though. Was such a busy lead up too it! You can read all about HERE in this post.
Also make sure you check out the competition I am running for a chance to win a spot at the next Weekend Retreat HERE
Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that helped this weekend such a success.
I shouted myself to a hot stone massage after the weekend workshop, it was amazing! I felt so rejuvenated after it!    

ScrapMedia KiTs & KiTs 2 Go
 So with the launch of my first weekend workshop also saw the launch of my first kits.
I will have ScrapMedia KiTs and KiTs 2 Go available very soon. There have been some hold ups with the web site going live, I am still waiting!

 These are samples of my ScrapMedia kits, these kits include mediums or tools and techniques!
They will  also come with a video tutorial.
Here are all the kits boxed up ready to go for the Weekend Workshop.
The KiTs 2 Go are easier kits to grab and go and include photo step by step instructions.
This is my makeshift Kit room for now, I made a couple of shelves in Leonii’s room.
Video Tutorial Table (Tut Table Top)
Our Tutorial Tables are still a work in Progress, So far I am happy with how they are turning out. I just have to edit the videos before I know for sure. Putting a white curtain over it also helped with the lighting it acted like a light box and reduced shadows. We hope to have these available to purchase soon. Just doing a couple more trials with them first.

What else do you do on a rainy day? Paint furniture and trims of course. I think this started with me putting something away and cleaning out one area, then I thought I might just paint this which then lead from one thing to another. I also give the Tut Table Top a coat of paint too.
I have to do some more studio/ office update soon too. I haven’t taken any updated photos since I swapped rooms with Wil.

Skin Checks
On a more sombre note, Don got his skin and moles checked at a top skin clinic in Mackay.
He ended up with 10 spots being flagged to come out. These were the first 2 off his back.
I have been worried about him for awhile as he has already had a malignant melanoma cut off his neck several years ago. Anyway the first 4 were all ok then the 5th one he had taken off his cheek come back as a stage 1 melanoma and he had to go back to get more taken off. Was a very worrying few days. He still has 5 more to go, so I am keeping everything crossed until he gets the all clear.

 Rain Rain and More Rain
 It really has rained on and off for a couple of months now, and more on than off!
At least it is just rain and not severe storms and flooding.

 The cows have spent a lot of time in the shed too! They are over the rain too!
 We get lake views down the back after 100ml or so.

Tilly’s Battle with another Snake
We nearly lost our dog Tilly to a Eastern Brown snake bite, the snake was longer than me. It was an expensive exercise to save her, but she is worth every penny!

 Here is the vet with the snake, Don had to race back home to get it for them to give her the right antivenin.
 Against all odds she was back home with us the next day, she was bleeding from the mouth all day on the day it happened, they were able to stop the bleeding with a blood transfusion.
I keep telling her she is getting too old to take on those big buggers.
 She was so happy to be home!

My Baby Turns 18
Holy Crap when did that happen, that makes me feel old. So proud of my Handsome young man!
He had a lovely night with friends, I was even brave enough to supervise on my own. They were no trouble at all though!



Works in Progress
I played in my studio while Wil had his party and started the backgrounds on several canvases.
These were all done with Modelling Paste, Gesso and Smooch Spritz and some stencils. I was just experimenting with creating different effects.

 This one is getting a girl with a bird painted on it! I will show you more progress on my Facebook page as I go.
Xena found a warm dry spot to curl up and keep an eye on me!
 Phew, no wonder I have been tired this month! No rest for the wicked hey!
Next month is showing no signs of slowing down either!
I hope March was all you wished it could have been too!
Wishing you all a Very Happy and Productive April xxx

Enjoy the Moments – Canvas ~ Australian Scrapbook Ideas #19 ~ Tried & Tested – Texture Play ~ Dusty Attic

Here is a Canvas I created for the Tried and Tested – Texture Play article in Issue 19 of the
This was fun to create, lots of modelling paste on this one and using stencils and chipboard to create the texture patterns.
The full step by step instructions for this canvas can be found in this issue.

Handy Hint
Spritz over spray inks with water to give different blending effects and soften the colours.
Great ideas
Use Chipboard Flourishes to create texture paste dimension.

To get this effect on the title, paint unevenly with the black dabber paint in splotches so that there is still raw chipboard showing. Next spray over the letters with the Electric Blue smooch spritz. Once dry apply a coat of the azure smooch over the letters this gives the effect of a New Zealand Paua Shell. 


30x30cm Canvas
Citris Tickle, Limolicious, Sea Kiss, Electric Blue Smooch Spritz Clearsnap
Green Olive, River Mossy, Sea Breaze, Candle Glow, Mossy Mist & Caramel Latte Smooch Spritz Donna Salazar-Clearsnap
Truffle, Honey & Jasmin Mix’d Media Ink Donna Salazar Clearsnap
Azure Smooch Clearsnap
Mystified & Lime Twist Smooch Glitz Clearsnap
Snow Cap & Pitch Black Ranger Dabber Paint
Deer, Monarch Butterflies, Enjoy the Moments & Ornate Scroll Dusty Attic Chipboard
Bisque, Hot Chocolate, Pesto & Dusty In Bloom, Dusty Attic Roses
Silver Rub & Buff
Tree Kaisercraft Template
Damask Template My Art-C
Art Accentz Provo Craft Micro Beads
Mont Marte Modelling Paste & Impasto
Matt Chrystal Kote Helmar Finishing Spray
Spatula/ Palette knife
Texture Tool by Michelle Grant Dusty Attic
Egg Shells (with the membrane removed)
Netting & Gauze
Tiger Grip Helmar Glue

I hope you have fun playing with some canvases! Warning It can be a bit addictive!

February 2013 Highlights ~ Playing Catch up

OK  So I am soooo behind at the moment, I am 2 months behind on my Month in Review Posts, But I guess its better late than never hey.
February was another very busy month, aren’t they all, but the last couple have been ridiculously so!
I traveled North to Townsville and South to Brisbane within a week of each other in February.
I was Spoilt with Breaky in Bed on Mothers Day with some flowers from our garden, Thanks Don xxx.

We went up to Townsville for Wil to have his first Interview for the Army and to visit my friend Lisa who was up there for her radium treatment. Was a quick trip up and back with one night in Townsville.

This was the view from the room we were staying in! Was so nice.
While waiting for Wil’s interview Don and I went for a walk through one of the gardens there where we came across these black cockatoos sitting there having a chat.

After a quick cuppa with Lisa and Wil’s Interview, it was back in the car for a very wet 5 hour drive back home.

Then it was home to pack and get on a plane to fly down to Brisbane.
The Lovely Sue Smyth from Australian Scrapbook Ideas  picked me up from the Airport and we went back to her place for a cuppa then onto Print Blocks to Stock up for the weekend workshop.

Leonii picked me up from Print Blocks and we got some last minute items for Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo Workshop
You can see more on the Paint Mojo Workshop on this post HERE

Was so lovely to catch up with my baby girl and Duncan! Miss my beautiful girl sooo much!!

I have been teaching myself to paint faces, this was the progress of this girl.
I am really enjoying learning new art techniques lately!!

I have also received my first shipment of phone cases with my art work on them, I am still in the process of getting these onto Etsy! Another Job on my list of many things to do!
February has been another very very wet month! We stop measuring the rain these days, I think this weeks worth was well over 300ml for the week.

The stormy skies has provided some pretty spectacular photos this month, this was a freaky storm cloud and was so low. It almost felt like you could reach up and touch it!

You can probably guess by now that I love taking photos of the changing skies!

An early morning Sunrise, complete with plane in the top photo top RH corner.

On the home front the animals are all doing well and everything is lovely and green and wet!

Still waiting for these custard apples to ripen!

“Fatso” AKA Cynder in front of the fruit orchid.
Tilly on Guard, we nearly lost her to a snake bite in March, but more on that in next months post.
I hope to have the March in Review post done by next week!

Love this photo of Sadie sitting on the fence post.
Xena the warrior princess!
As always February has been another month of emotional ups and downs, although I can feel a little by little that I am getting stronger! Believing in myself a little more each month!!
Thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting me in my journey through this life!
Hugs to you all! xxx

The Serenity ~ Australian Scrapbook Ideas #19 ~ Tried & Tested – Texture Play ~ Dusty Attic

Another Texture Play Layout from the Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine Issue 19.
This one show you that you can colour your modelling paste to suit your page and also use it to extend your photos onto the page.

This is my Cousins eldest daughter on our holiday last year to our most favorite place in the world.
Love how this one turned out too!

Handy Hint
Add colour to your texture paste with inks or paints to suit your projects.
Great ideas
Templates are a great way to add texture and depth to your layouts with modelling or texture paste.

12×12 Chipboard sheet
Cashmere Dame Chevron Glitz Design Patterned Paper
Latte Kaisercraft pearl flourish
Honey Mix’d Media Ink Donna Salazar Clearsnap
Flesh base derivan acrylic paint
Spearmint & Coastal Blue Kaisercolour paint
Stream, Snow cap, Cloudy Blue & Pool Ranger Dabber paint
Aqua Pack Fabric Flowers Green Tara
Chickenwire Reverse, The crafters workshop 12×12 Template
Doiley #5 & Leafy Flourish Dusty Attic Chipboard
Bisque & Cream Dusty In Bloom, Dusty Attic Roses
Aphabeans Jillibean Soup Alphas
Texture Fibre strip
Ribbon & Lace
Prima Flowers
Mont Marte Modelling Paste
Spatula/ Palette knife
Tiger Grip Helmar Glue
3D Foam Tape

I would love to see your texture projects, Leave a link in the comments and I will be over to check it out! Thanks xxx

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