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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #25

Day 25 – Bugger another late one, although I have taken it a bit easier today and even sat in the lounge tonight. Which is always dangerous, As soon as I sit down I practically fall asleep.
I had the gorgeous Wendy over today who helped me do a stock take this morning! Thank you Hun. Another job ticked off the list. I am so blessed to have so many beautiful friends in my life, I really can’t believe how lucky I am to know so many amazing people both here and online! Friendships really do feed the soul don’t they. Each and everyone of them are here to teach us something.

Mum & Dad’s Wedding –  1st August 1970

Anyway, I have spent a bit of time with Maddie today after doing the stocktake with Wendy and then went into town for a cuppa with Don before dropping off for the bus for work. We haven’t had much time together lately, looking forward to his next shift of to plan something! It would have been my Grandparents 68th Wedding Anniversary today and it is my Parents 43rd Wedding Anniversary and will be Don and My 22nd on the 3rd. We would have been married on the 1st too if it had fallen on a weekend earlier, but we didn’t want to wait another 3 years for it so we settled for the 3rd. We are 4th or 5th generation on my grandad’s side that was married in the first week of August. My Grandad’s parents we married on the 5th. I love traditions like that, I am a huge sentimental fool! LOL

My Grandparents – 1st August 1945

My Great Grandparents Wedding – 5th August 1908

I will do a post on my wedding with some wedding photos on Sunday. I should do a wedding layout of mine, I don’t think I have done one of our wedding. Don’t you just love the old fashioned outfits.
Something just makes me feel so connected to this sort of family history.

OK I am off to bed now, since my arse has already turned into a pumpkin!  I have been ordered by hubby to take a little bit of time off this weekend. So I think I will try and get some creative play time in somewhere this weekend! Definitely will be some couch time tomorrow night with some drawing with So You Think You Can Dance on the TV! Looking forward to a proper night off! 🙂

Night all! Sweet Dreams! 🙂