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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #13

Day 13, Seriously where is the time going?? The days are just going past in a blur! Another very busy day today. An extra week this week wouldn’t go astray! Anyone got a spare one I can borrow??
The morning started out with getting side tracked with these gorgeous creatures this morning. Maddie will have been with us for one week tomorrow, it is hard to believe it feels like she has been here a lot longer. She has filled out so much in less than a week. I videoed her helping get the chooks in tonight, she is definitely a quick learner. I will have to upload the video on facebook or here tomorrow.

These two rabbits where up in the tree this morning, they had fun playing up there and just hanging around.

Fatso is our uncoordinated cat, so I was impressed she was up this high and didn’t fall out.

I love how they both found forks in the tree to park their fat arses! LOL

Sadie is our stealth cat, she can usually get up anywhere and in a very dainty fashion.
“Does this tree make my bum look big?? LOL”
So after the animal antics this morning it was time to get to work. Was a big day today. Poor Christine had a mountain of bookwork to enter, and Rosie come over and helped to pack some kits. Then Deb popped over this afternoon to help finish the packing. The challenge pack is all finished one kit down and 2 to go!

Chairs make great benches for packing kits, there was a kit on every spare bit of space.
Oh And yes that is a bag on Deb’s head, I send them looney around here! ROFL!!!!

Thank you so much to Christine, Rosie & Deb for your help today, really does help me so much. I usually struggle to ask for help and still do. Not sure if it is out of pride or what, a major part of it is not wanting to interrupt people as I know how busy everyone’s lives get.
   But the laughs and friendship hardly make it feel like you are working! It is so worth it. Many hands sure do make like work! 🙂

OK I am going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight only 30 min to go and I think I just might turn into a pumpkin tonight I am so tired! Feels like my eyes are hanging out of my head tonight!
Night all! More sorting and kit packing on the agenda tomorrow!



Thanks for sharing your animal photos, they put a smile on my face this morning.


Love those kitties. Old reader was down for maintenance tonight so didn’t get my blogs read. hugs, t….

Debbie Kingston

You had me confused with “these two rabbits up the tree” and I’m thinking ‘what rabbits?’ ‘how did rabbits climb a tree?’….and then I’m scrolling passed cats in the tree looking for the rabbits……duh.
Lovely shots of Sadie and Fatso and the first one of Maddie.

Well done to your lovely helpers 🙂

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