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30 days of blog lovin – Day #21

Day 21, Home tonight after a huge day for the second day of my ScrapMedia workshop! I am in a slightly comatose state tonight! It was another fabulous day!

I got home around 7pm after packing everything up! Then I had to unpack everything out of the car, I had it half done before Wil come out to help me!
My legs, feet and back are killing me! Think I will allow myself to have a very quiet day tomorrow! I feel like I could sleep for a week! Tired would be an understatement lol! 
Anyway, all that stuff from the car has just made it to the dining room and table, I figure it will still be there in the morning! 

Time for another spring clean before it all goes back away tomorrow, that is if I can surface from bed! 

You think I would find a more comfy spot to get comatose in hey! Trying to find the energy for a shower and bed!  I don’t think I left anything of me on the table this weekend, I am spent!
Night all xxx



Hi Michelle. Sorry my comments have been so sporatic but the Old Reader has been up, down, up, down all week. I read all the posts that I missed and I really like some of the quotes that you put up. Also hope that your workshop went really well. thanks as always for sharing. t….

Michelle Grant

Thank you, yes it did go well! Was a huge weekend!

Dianne H

I hope you took some time out to relax today. So pleased your workshop went well. Take care.

Michelle Grant

Thank you hun, so lovely to hear from you. xx

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