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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #27

Day 27 – I have surprised myself with keeping up this 30 days of blogging, It has been a huge challenge.  Today is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary, I can’t believe how fast the last 22 years have flown by. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. Has has been my constant support for over 2 decades. I always wanted what my Grandparents had and I know I have found it in Don!

3rd August 1991 – Mackay QLD


Over 2 decades and  2 children of many happy memories
Oh how the fashions change!
L – R Shane Shepherd, Carolyn Grant (nee Burns), Don Grant, Michelle Grant (nee Burns) Rick Kanns, Maria Smith (nee Prince), Susie Burns, Andrew Grant 
 And yes my sister did end up with Don’s brother! That’s keeping it in the family hey!
Anyway, you might be wondering what we did for our wedding anniversary today? Well sadly Don is out at work and Wil is away on a boys weekend away and I am home alone! 
I have missed not having Don here for our anniversary but have loved having a day to myself and a little bit of me time! It was just what the doctor ordered! I have had a lovely day doing very little today. I have mostly just been playing with Maddie and trying to teach her some new tricks.
I can’t believe the 30 days is coming to an end. I am not sure if have really achieved what I set out to when I started this, I do know that I am worrying less about what I am writing about and just writing. I have let go of everything having to be just perfect. It is always the way hey, while you are waiting for perfection it just doesn’t happen, because perfect is too bloody hard to attain! So I am still working on letting go of that perfection, I am getting there…. baby steps! Think it might be good to go back and read over the last 30 days myself now too!
Anyway, Night All xx



Almost Michelle, almost. You said you had some more personal sharing to do. Will that help bring closer to this process? Just a thought. Theresa

Lili Sulastri

Congratulations on your 22nd Anniversary. That is truly a milestone.
Wow! It must be a total dedication to write everyday. Will find the time to read your write-up from Day 1 to recent and hope to gain some ideas should I choose to start on mine.

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