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30 Days Of Blog Lovin ~ Day 29

Day 29 – These past 29 days have not been easy. I haven’t been able to focus much lately. Even though I took the weekend off I felt guilty in doing so. I know I really needed it and should have done it earlier in the week instead of trying to battle through. In looking back I haven’t had a very productive week. I still feel like I am a day behind my own schedule and didn’t get done today what I wanted to!

I really need to get organised, the mess around me is starting to do my head in. I desperately want to spring this place and declutter and start some renovating. But I feel like I really need to invest more time into the future planning of my business. Having the next workshop looming quickly is overwhelming me with everything that needs to be done.  So feeling tired and overwhelmed tonight.

I am hoping I can wake up in the morning and really kick some goals! I have lots to do!

Ok so I need a laugh about now and love this pic I found of sadie, she was scratching her claws on the railing, looks like she was sitting there covering her eyes and now she is off. I hope this brought a smile to your face too!

Day 30 tomorrow, I will try to do tomorrows post a little earlier tomorrow, I have a feeling it is going to be a big one! And to tell you the truth is scaring the crap out of me.

Leaving it there tonight, I need to get to bed!
Catch you all tomorrow!



Can’t wait for your last post to see what you will say. My thoughts are with you. Big hugs, Theresa

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