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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #7

 Todays post comes to you from Townsville. The drive up wasn’t too bad. Still took about 5 hours. I am pretty weary tonight. So I don’t have a lot to say tonight. We did get some great news today, We got a new pup  I she is a 3 month old  blue heeler/border collie cross  pup. I will have to show you some pics when I get home tomorrow. 1got to see her briefly one the way up here. I met up with Don on the road after he picked her up and he was on his way home  and we were on the way out. she is so sweet I think she will fit into the family nicely. We are still deciding on her name it is down to 2. Matilda (Maddie for short) or Milly.  So I will be back with some photos and her name update  tomorrow night.

 ok, I forgot to bring my hard drive with my photos with me so I am going to make this short and sweet and leave it there tonight! I have a few more things that I want to get off my chest in the coming days so stay tuned! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Hugs xxx



Oh I’m so happy to hear about the new pup!!! She will do you all the world of good Michelle…Can not wait to ‘meet’ her!

Debbie Kingston

Awww….great news on the new puppy. Sending lots of love to your mum.

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