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Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 ~ Frame it Up ~ Life

Another one from my Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 Article.
I created a shadow canvas for this one. You don’t get to see the depth of this project in the magazine.


The photos are framed with paper frames that were raised off the canvas with 3D foam tape and then I used texture paste to fill in the edges on the inside of the frame.

I added the photos to a piece of cardstock that was stuck on the back of the canvas frame to give it more depth so the photos looked like they were floating behind the frames.

This was fun to do, I don’t think I have seen anything done like this before, well not to my knowledge when I created this one anyway! But there are always many like minded people out there, who may have already thought of this technique too! I would love to see them if there is!

I can imagine sooooo many possibilities with this technique!!!

Why don’t you have a go of creating a shadow canvas this weekend?? Come on I dare you!

Make sure you share them here or add a link to yours here!!
I would love to see and be inspired by yours too!

Happy Friday People xxxxx



Asmah Zainal Abidin

Beautiful creation and wonderful idea, tfs. I love the clusters of flowers, so pretty.

Val Thorpe

Oh this is just beautiful and I love the little raised frames… I don’t think I have seen either…

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