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No Label Can Define YOU!


This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I think that we as society have become so obsessed with labels. Everything has to be labelled to fit into a box to make someone else feel comfortable.

From what size you are to what disorder you have, to status, to disabilities, orientation and so much more.
What ever happened to just being YOU and all those labels are just a part of your journey through life!
Labels don’t define us unless we let them. There is so much emphasis on being labelled one thing or another and then being left in that box as if that is what measures your worth.

Can I just say only you can measure your worth! Your heart and love is the only thing that really matters at the end of the day! The ability to love and be loved. Love in itself is the only constant in this world that we start life with when we are born and what we are left with when we go.

When you think about it we don’t go with our labels, your gravestones are not going to say your name and then what size you were, how wealthy you were, what mental state you had, or if you were depressed, or how smart or dumb you were, educated or not, or if you were judgmental, an addict (of anything), or race, religion, disabilities or your status etc etc the list goes on.
They say your name and the people you loved, wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, friend etc. And how long you had to love and be loved on this earth. You are guaranteed to be at least one of those names on your grave. That is one of the only certainties in life.
At the end of the day the only thing that matters is you and your family and unconditional love.

The media, society and doctors and more are all too quick to put a label on YOU and put YOU in a box. Some companies earn big bucks off it too. The more labels that need fixing the more money they can make.

With those labels then comes the judgement, pity, disdain, anger, hurt, fear, greed, guilt, shame, confusion,  jealousy etc generally it makes us think different about a person or ourselves with preconceived thoughts whether warranted or not.

For eg: That fat girl who keeps having more kids and is depressed and has a gambling addiction and anxiety is ……….,,,,,
What would you say or think??????
Do you automatically go into judgment and think you are better than her or do you go into pity and leave it at that?
Or are you intolerant of someone who doesn’t have it all together?
I know I have been guilty of all of the above in the past.

I now consciously think and act from a place of love, honesty and compassion.
I now see a girl who is just struggling to find herself and is struggling to love herself from what ever past hurts she has endured.
Everyone has their own story and it is not our place to judge them, you don’t know what demons they are battling. After all we as humans are great at putting on a brave front that is all for show or a false protection. If we are all honest with ourselves everyone feels vulnerable.

And yes it can be frustrating if someone doesn’t want to help themselves but that is their journey not yours, all you can do is be there for them when they are ready to ask for help.
You don’t have to get dragged into their stuff.

Labels are a dangerous place to be trapped in. You can quickly let them define you and think you are not allowed or capable of anything more than your label.

I can think of a dozen labels I could put on myself right now, and as soon as I do it brings judgment, sadness, disdain etc on myself. The labels I could put on myself are not pretty.
Instead I am allowing myself one label, to love, to come from a place of love and to be loved. It is not easy! But when you can all those other labels just fall away. Cause at the end of the day when I am gone they are not the important things I have left behind.

A child is still a child regardless of what labels are put on them from an early age. A child with disabilities is still a child.
Labels divide humanity, religion, race etc etc
Love Unites it is really that simple!! Makes you wonder why it has to be so hard.

Every week we are told something different about what we can or can’t do or can or can’t eat or even what is good for us or not.
We have lost the ability to listen to our bodies and trust in ourselves, that how we can possibly know what we do or don’t need.
Knowledge is definitely power, but at the same time not all knowledge is right for everyone. Everyone is unique! Just Trust yourself for what is right for you.

We all need to take the time to stop and listen to our hearts and bodies. Cause really most people have enough common sense to know right from wrong. But the media, or anyone in a position of influence has done a good job of totally confusing us and making us feel like we can’t make our own decisions. Everyone is trying to fix us, I have even been guilty of trying to fix people too.
Unless your help or advice is asked for it will just come across as you are right and they are wrong.
Just be present and allow someone to just be and be available if and when they want your help or advice.

The best gift you can give to others is to show them how you can JUST BE from a place of LOVE, follow your heart and your dreams.
This in itself is not an easy task, it is not easy to remove those labels we and others have ingrained in us. Often from a very young age. Just remain true to you and ask for help if you don’t know how. Align yourself with people who will help you on your journey of love.
It is all about getting back to the essence of our souls.

You don’t have to stay trapped in any Label, everyday you wake up you have a choice! I know that I am choosing love for me, my family and loved ones xxxx I haven’t perfected it yet, but I am very conscious of it and I try every day.

Everyone deserves to be loved and happy and that includes you too!
Celebrate your uniqueness, there is no one else like you in the world, there is only one YOU!  🙂 xxx

Sending much love to you, have a fabulous day xxx

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