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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #10

Day 10!!! GOOO Queenslander!!! Lets hope they can make it 8!!! I am off to friends tonight to watch the game, I think it is going to be a good one!! Soo I am getting in early tonight!
I had a reasonably successful day today and got a few things ticked off my list, but then I realized that the next ScrapMedia workshop is sneaking up very very fast. I better get some finalizing done!

Ok I don’t have so much to share tonight, it is going to be a big day tomorrow with lots on. So I hope to get a few more jobs ticked off my list!

On the Maddie front, she herded the chooks in tonight and didn’t try to eat them, I can’t believe how quickly she is learning in just 3 days!! As Christine said it is almost like Tilly is teaching her from the other side! She is so eager to please!

And I really think yesterdays post helped shift something too, It has helped to release that worry about what other people are thinking about me! I am slowly becoming more comfortable in my own skin!! I started going through my wardrobe this morning and have started throwing stuff out! I even had to throw out a pair of Colorado leather shoes that disintegrated when I tried them on! Ooops! LOL I am finding that things don’t last as long here with the higher humidity we get here! I hate shoe shopping but I desperately need new shoes and comfortable ones at that!

Ok I have places to be tonight, Go Queenslanders!!!!! I will catch you tomorrow! 🙂
(For my overseas friends the State of Origin Rugby League Football is on tonight, it is Queensland State against New South Wales State and Queensland have won the last 7. It is the best of Three and they have both won one round each so tonight is the decider, it is going to be a big game!)
I am not usually into the football so much since Wil stopped playing, but the Origin is worth watching!
Night all!! Cheers! 🙂



Glad you had a good day. Hope tomorrow is equally good. hugs to you. t….

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