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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #11

Day 11 and I nearly forgot tonight. I have been so busy with getting things organized for the workshop next weekend. It is all coming together. But my head has been overloaded today sorting paper work, sorting out the itinerary and sorting out a new website. Phew Now where was I up to?
There are only 2 spots left for the ScrapMedia Workshop, It can be for the weekend or you can come for the one day if it suits, either the Sat or the Sun. You can see more info about it HERE

Here is the sneak peek for the Resin class, I can’t wait to teach this one, it is going to be so much fun!
I am just waiting on a few things to finish the reverse canvas class!

Ok, I am looking at a new direction for my website now, so hopefully I will have the shop up sooner rather than later!! It has been a long 6 months waiting but I am moving on! Onwards and Upwards hopefully! It is a bit exciting, although my mind is trying to keep up at the moment!

It has been a long day today, I was up early this morning so I need to finish off a couple more things and head to bed. The Itinerary is done so I will get that out tomorrow!

 I am working my way up to a couple of topics that are pretty sensitive to me and I am not quiet sure if I am ready to share yet, But I think it will totally free me if I can! x
Sorry I am going to make this short and sweet tonight, I am soo tired. So I will catch you tomorrow.

Hope you have been having a productive week!
Hugs x



Hi MIchelle – so glad that your workshop is shaping up. If I lived near you I would love to be there. Looking forward to tomorrow. thanks for sharing.

Michelle Grant

Thank you Theresa xxx Where abouts do you live?


Coleman Wisconsin, USA. About 40 miles north of Green Bay, almost on the Wisconsin – Michigan border in the NE corner. Very small town of about 800 without very many amenities especially for a disabled person! But I have one really good friend here, I just don’t always get to see her often enough. She has a husband to keep happy and a mom to look after. t…..

Debbie Kingston

I’m with Theresa…I would love to do that workshop! Your sneaks look great….even with the typo in the quote :).


Michelle Grant

LOL Deb, you better let Teresa Collins know she has a typo on her papers then! LOL Thanks hun x

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