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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #15

Day 15, Hiya! I hope everyone has had a productive Monday. I don’t think I have stopped today. Slowly getting everything in order for the workshop this weekend, Got a few more things ticked off my list and confirmed today. Still feeling like I need to catch up on some sleep. Had a day of feeling very much overwhelmed today.
Sorry I haven’t really got time to stop tonight for a decent post, but lets just say that I have been giving my future some serious consideration amongst all the calls and organizing today. The workshop has consumed my whole day today and I am just finishing up instructions before I head to bed. Fast running out of days and so much to do! 
I  don’t know if it is the stress of getting everything done and still waiting on orders or what it is but I have been feeling very overwhelmed today. I have had to keep ploughing through with everything that needs doing, I think I nearly ticked everything off my list today so that is a plus!

It will be all worth it in the end, I think the fact that I am still struggling with feeling tired today hasn’t been helping. Tomorrow is a new day hopefully I will feel like I am back on track again tomorrow!

Back to doing instructions, I will catch you all tomorrow! Thank you so much for your comments, they really do mean the world to me!!

Night x
Hugs xx

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