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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #16

Day 16: I think I was mad to do this 30 day blog loving with a Workshop coming up. Been at it all day again today and have another kit packed tonight thanks to the help of Deb! Everything is coming along nicely, just waiting on a couple of things to finish off the last kit, but it is still crazy hectic. I really don’t have too much else going on in my head at the moment, It is all too consumed with the workshop from when I get up to when I collapse at night.

We are going to have so much fun playing with the resin this weekend. I already have plans for another class because I couldn’t fit it all in to this one!

 Since I am  feeling pretty brain dead tonight I thought I would share a funny with you. My dear son (18) asked me the other week if I wanted the watermelon in the fridge, I said no you can eat it.
He was waiting for one of us to eat it, and couldn’t wait any longer and he said “I already have” LOL The he showed me the back of it! LOL

 Totally cracked me up, he had already scooped out the back waiting to catch someone out!  It’s a bugger when a prank doesn’t go to plan. Still made me laugh when he showed me! LOL

Ok, back to work, Still have a bit to do tonight and feeling pretty tired now! I think I will collapse in a heap next week! 🙂

Night, Sorry I am boring as bat shit at the moment, these workshops totally consume me with making everything just right for everyone!



Asmah Zainal Abidin

Haha…such cute watermelon 🙂 What a laugh! Michelle, you really made my day today; tqsm for becoming my blog follower. I was over the moon! I emailed my sister about it and she’s jealous, lol. Good luck with your workshop! Wish I lived nearby, huhuhu.
Good nite from Malaysia and hugs,

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