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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #17

Day 17: Howdy, I hope July is being kind to you and you are kicking some goals. As busy as I have been this week my head has not stopped thinking. Lots of future planning has been happening too! As well as the future workshop. I really will need to take some time out for me next week or I think I will collapse in a heap. And I only have myself to blame, it is all work I have put on myself and being a perfectionist I always seem to be creating more work for myself. I nearly forgot my blog post tonight, I am trying to get another kit created and lost all time!

This message is so true, I crawled into bed around 2am last night and just as my head hit the pillow these crazy thoughts started running through my head, more ideas!! But you know what I was so tired I couldn’t even roll over and grab my pen and notebook and write them all down, then you guessed it and I went ARRRRRGH!! What was that bloody idea again?? I knew I should have written it down! Totally kicking myself then!! So I started on my morning pages and thank god for them, it came to me! It was about survey questions about finding my target market and more ideas on resources for teachers. So I managed to get them all down after all, (Thank you Morning Pages xxx)

 I actually woke up early and more surprisingly woke up with some energy too! Thank Goodness although I think I am just running on adrenaline at the moment!
 Love these Quotes!! So True!!
Anyway, I shall call it a night and finish this layout!
Night All xxx

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