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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #18

Day 18, Boy what a day, Big day and its not over by a long shot. The stock I was waiting for arrived today so I am finishing this kit tonight. Just had the fabulous Deb here helping to pack more kits, I would be lost without her! Soooooo apart from finishing this kit and doing instructions for another one I think I might just be nearly organized by tomorrow!!!

In the one day today I have got my hair done (grey’s begone!!! LOL Will get a pic when I have 5 min LOL!) , Had Christine here doing my books and we got the book work and BAS done and got more kits packed, vouchers done sorted through more stock, then finished packing more kits with Deb tonight! So has been another massive day tonight. I am picking Tracey up off the plane in the morning so I want to get as much done tonight as I can so I can take the foot of the pedal a bit tomorrow before we have to set up tomorrow night!! So forgive me once again but this is going to be very short and sweet tonight, I need to finish videoing this kit!

Night Beautiful Peeps! I hope the day has been kind to you? What are your plans for the weekend??

Take care!
Hugs xxx


Debbie Kingston

Hi sweets,just wanted to wish you all the best for the workshop this weekend. With all of your organising, it’s bound to go off well. Happy to hear that you have had a little bit of help !! Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you….(and wishing I was there).
x x x x


Hi Michelle. Sorry I haven’t been commenting but Old Reader has been down since Sunday and just came back on line. Lots of catching up to do. Looks like you have gotten lots done. Hope your workshop goes really well. thanks as always for sharing. t….

Michelle Grant

Thank you hun, I am just catching up on comments too x

Diane Baker-Williams

Greetings from Michigan! I just stumbled upon your amazing blog! I an new to blogging; still trying to figure things out. My question is, how did you create the little box at the end of each of your posts? What is the name for it? Thank you.

Michelle Grant

Hi Diane, So lovely to have you here! I call it a signature sign off. I just created it in Photoshop. You would be able to create one with some digital scrapping elements too! 🙂

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