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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #23

Day 23, can you believe it? I can’t believe that I am still keeping up even with the week I have just had. I am still feeling pretty tired tonight and instead of actually taking a break today I have been battling through it to get the accounts out from the weekend! All done now So I will sleep well again tonight. I really do need to take a day off but with unpacking still to do I can’t see that happening tomorrow. Man I have been dragging my feet!

It has been an emotional day for me today, the announcement was made that I am stepping down from Dusty Attic Admin & DT. Dusty has been a huge part of my journey these past few years and it is well and truly in my blood. I have been struggling to keep up with everything and getting my business off the ground. So I need to let go of some outside commitments so I can focus on some new projects. It was with a heavy heart that I had to step down from Dusty and was not a decision I took lightly, I have been with Dusty and Jen since the start, it really is like another family for me.

I need to get everything cleaned up and sorted out so I can seriously start planning my future, Lots of ideas and not enough time at the moment. Not enough energy more importantly. I need to take a little time for me after the hectic lead up and weekend last weekend to catch my breath.
I still have to go through the photos from the weekend too, Hopefully tomorrow.

Its already past midnight, I think I need to get to bed, I was actually in bed by 11.30pm last night so it was an early night for me.

I think I need to get lost in a little creative time too! I need to re evaluate my list tomorrow and pencil me in! LOL And Hubby too!  I need to get back into my Morning pages again, I can definitely tell when I haven’t done them in awhile, I get so scatter brain and find it harder to concentrate! I have been forgoing the morning pages to take Maddie for a walk in the mornings. She is growing very quickly!

OK Time for bed, I am yawing now! Sleeps Time!

Night ALL xxxx



Hi Michelle. I so hope that your business follows your dreams. I am guessing that the workshops are part of it. The internet is good for lots of things, but it doesn’t take the place of live and in person times.

I thought you might like to see some of my work since we have been chatting for 23 days. If you are a pinterest person, you can go to and see some of it.

Hope you have sweet dreams tonight. t…

Michelle Grant

Gorgeous work Theresa, love your albums, they are gorgeous xxx
And yes I will still be continuing with the weekend workshops! 🙂


Hi Michelle, well done keeping this up – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it past a week 🙂

Maybe you could speak your morning pages as you walk in the morning? If you have a way to record it that is, like on your phone or something? Just a thought I had while reading this post. I don’t know if it’s viable 🙂

Happy creating!

Michelle Grant

Thank you Hope, yeah, you probably could record it, but I think the aim of the writing is that it reaches more into the subconscious. Would be great if recording worked as good most definitely! 🙂

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