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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #24

Day 24, Oh Boy, how is it that time just vanishes before our eyes. I still feel jet lagged from the weekend. Think I need some creative play time!  I have to say a huge thank you to Deb for helping me go through the kit room today and getting everything back in order. So that is one huge job ticked off my list this week, now to go through all the stock and get it all packed away again too. Other than that nothing exciting happened today.

Still have a heap of photos to go through, just wanted to share this group photo at the end of the weekend, What a fabulous bunch of ladies who really did make the weekend something special.
Thank you to each and every one of you xxx

Ok I working the courage up for a couple of posts that will be pretty deep. Not sure if I am quite ready for it, but I know it won’t just help me but others too. Wish me luck on that one!

Crap nearly midnight again already, I was planning of trying for an early night tonight. Umm what day is it today? Oh that’s right Wednesday well not for much longer anyway.

What has everyone been up too? What are your goals you are working towards this week??
This week is clean up and organise week (and try and fit a little R&R in) and next week will be business week. Lots of goals to be working towards!

Night, Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!



Hi Michelle – looks like you are having a really busy week. Me too in a different sort of way. The person who gives me rides when I need them is leaving on vacation Friday for a week. So unless I can get there on my own two feet with my walker and braces, I can’t go. So been busy trying to get laundry and shopping done. The sort of drill I go through in the winter time when the weather doesn’t allow me to go outside. And I talk to Sheryl every other day or so, so I won’t have that either. Nothing life threatening, just affects my quality of life. It almost feels like we are having a private conversation here so I want to share one other thing with you tonight before I try to sleep. I read Tim Holtz’s blog today and looked at all the wonder filled designs and projects. I wrote this comment. “I sit here in my little apartment far away in rural NE Wisconsin and feel like I am sharing with the world. The products, the ideas, the samples are so awesome and just walk into my space like I should have been waiting for them. I can’t say enough about what all this means to me. I get so emotional, so happy, when I see all this. I know I can’t have it all, but I can have some. So now it is off to dream, and plot and scheme. thanks as always for sharing.” I could be writing this to all who share so thoughtfully on the internet. You especially since you decided to share from your heart. You have my gratitude. thanks as always for sharing. big hugs to you my cyber friend, Theresa

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