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30 Days of Blog Lovin’ ~ Day #6

Day 6 and still going, well just. I am not really feeling it tonight, I am tired and feeling uninspired tonight. It has been a long week. I am relieved to finally have my resin class finished, so that is one thing I can tick off my list. I still have to do the photos and instructions and edit the video but at least the layout is done and all the samples so that is a start!  
I got out today to have afternoon tea with some gorgeous ladies, they never fail to make me laugh. Thank you Jenny, Deb, Bev, Trish, Joan & Ngaire. They always bring me so much joy and mischief! Love you girls! xxx

  Ok, I do have lots I have to say but tonight is not the night, I do know I have been re evaluating my reasons behind doing this 30 blog challenge. I feel like I have gone off the path of what my true intentions were. So I will have lots to share about that when I have a little more energy and when I am not so tired. Basically it comes down to me being scared to reveal my true inner thoughts and feelings and not just judgement from everyone else but also judgement of myself.
I really need a clearer head to articulate what I want to say about this, as I have trouble articulating what I want to say at the best of times.
Mum has arrived a night early so the next couple of days will be spent in the car! So I think I need an early night tonight!


 Night all, and thank you soooo much for your comments. I deeply appreciate each and every one of them! Hugs to you all! xxx

The Power of an Online Community

Today started out like most days, going through the motions of what had to be done.
I was looking forward to having Don work with me on a project that I hope will make doing video tutorials a lot easier.  He is constructing something for me and if all goes well, we will make them to sell too!  So looking forward to the finished product, although our communication is being pushed to the limit! Trying to explain how I think it should go and then how he thinks it should go really pushes home that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus! After thinking we were on the same page it turns out we weren’t LOL a little frustrating yes but pales in comparison with the other news I received today.

I was deeply saddened to see on Face Book that an online friend’s Beautiful 13yr old daughter Emma had passed away after a long battle with illness. It has literally knocked the wind out of me today! I can’t believe how upset I am over the world losing this beautiful courageous sweet girl who I have never personally met!  I feel like I know her through following her journey on Facebook with her mum Leanne. Such a beautiful and caring family. I have met Leanne online through the ISC scrapbooking days in the early days of online communities! I am so touched by the outpouring of support and love and well wishes from family and friends from all corners of the country it really fills my heart. The Love family and their courageous journey has touched many lives, I hope that can bring a little comfort during these heartbreaking days!
She was a very special little girl who will now be a very special angel!

This stunning photo of Leanne and Emma was taken by the very talented Andrea Thompson,
thank you Andrea for letting me share this photo! x
You can read more of Leanne & Emma’s story here: Leanne’s Blog

An Online community is so much more than just a group of people, Today I felt the embrace of a community with an outpouring of love and support! Really does warm the heart.

I stopped sharing more of myself online because of another community, and they were the scrap critic and smack blogs. I saw a lot of good friends torn to shreds on these blogs, nothing was sacred! That was all I needed to well and truly retreat into my emotional shell, I have only shared my work online since then with very little information on myself. I used my work as a shield so to speak. Now looking back I can’t believe I have given my power over to these insignificant cowards!
I am back, and if someone doesn’t like me or what I do that is their prerogative! I no longer need your approval, I am learning to be enough for me, I am the only one I need approval from!
Still easier said than done! I am still working on my insecurities.

I hope that I can touch as many lives and bring a community together as the Gorgeous Emma has! She is my inspiration, I can only hope to be as half as brave as Emma and her family!
Life really is too short!
I thank everyone who has already reached out to me since I started sharing little snippits of the real me!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hug your families and support your community, they really can make a difference!! With them by your side you will never feel alone. You are never alone in your journey, paths will always cross when you least expect it. Someone has already been there or will be going there or are there right now along side of you. All you need to do is reach out!! Sorry if I have just rambled on, this speaking from the heart in public is still new to me!
Thanks for dropping by! Lots of hugs!
Keeping Emma and her family in my thoughts tonight!
I am very blessed to have my family and friends and all of you in my life!

Michelle xxx