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Colour Blast Class Giveaway – Enter Here to Win a Spot

I have a special offer available for the Saturday classes
(Creative Faces-Floral Delights & Abstract Natures Skylines).
Held at the Colour Blast Retreat on the 18th of March.  Open to everyone.
I am giving someone the opportunity to win a FREE spot into one of these classes.
All you need to do to go in the draw is enter your details below:

For more details and information on these classes click HERE:

Good Luck, hope to see you there for lots of creative fun πŸ™‚ xxx


Embrace the Journey


Another new year is here full of possibilities and excitement, I hope this year is all you want it to be πŸ™‚
So much to say and share, where do I start? Lets start with a little insight into where I am at.

It is no secret that I battle with self doubt and my confidence, it totally consumes me and stops me in my tracks from sharing and posting on Facebook, blog, well anywhere in the public eye. You may have noticed I have been absent from here these past few months. In between the times when I wasn’t busy teaching or preparing classes or running Cre8 days I have been beating myself up. All those negative thoughts that I hear that I am not good enough or not deserving etc etc has made 2016 a major up and down roller-coaster for me. These past few months have had me questioning everything about me and my journey and what I do and why and where am I going.

I have had many highs teaching around the country this year and catching up with beautiful creative friends from each state. I am so very grateful for all those who have shared creative journeys, laughs, tears and inspiration with me you can’t imagine how much each and every one of you have touched my life.

I couldn’t do what I do or be who I am without the love and support from my amazing family, I am so very lucky to be truly blessed with the best family anyone could hope for even all our extended family.
I can’t thank my husband Don enough for supporting me on my journey and for picking me up when I am down and reminding me constantly that I can do it, he has the patience of a saint and I am so very grateful to have him by my side every step of the way.
My kids are and always will be my driving force behind wanting to be a better person and follow my dreams, I am so proud of the beautiful adults they are becoming.

So with that been said what is next for me?? I had to sit down and really work out where my direction is going and what do I want. I have let go of so many expectations from myself and others and I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring. I feel lighter than I have in years and know that the path that lays ahead of me will be more in line with my souls purpose and hopefully will follow a path that will make me happy and will help silence my inner critic.

#1 on my list this year will be creating more art and making time to create more expressive art. I want to know what it feels like to be able to call myself a real artist. I am doing Ivy Newport‘s online class “Between Shadow & Light” at the moment, love the freedom of expression in it!

#2 will be to be the best version of me that I can be, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Time to step out from behind the shadows.

#3 Inspire creative journeys in others. The number one best feeling in the world for me is seeing someone do something when they think they can’t.
This past year one thing I have learnt was  I didn’t know what I could or couldn’t do until I just did it. 18 months ago I would have never even considered painting a surf board or teaching fabulous faces classes around the country let alone abstract canvases. I am aiming to push myself out of my comfort zone even more this year, hopefully at least once a month. Fear is just a thing in your head, it is a pretty powerful thing but I am hoping to make peace with it.

#4 Social Media – I want to have a social media plan in place for the times I need to retreat. And follow though with consistency.

#5 Follow up and Act on on my hundreds of ideas that I constantly get and not leave them sitting on the shelf and watch others bring forth Ideas that I had been hoarding. I learnt from reading “Big Magic” that if you don’t act on your ideas the idea will go and find the next person who will. So I need to step past the fear and ACT this year. No more sitting on the sidelines.

Hopefully sharing this with you will also make me more accountable too!

My word or 2017 is “Embrace”
Embrace by art, Embrace the possibilities, Embrace Change, Embrace the Messy and so much more…
I have an EMBRACE Pinterest Board for my word of the year HERE:

I created this painting just after Christmas for my son’s new bachelor pad, this is what he wanted painted as he is in the army. I did this one in a day so I wouldn’t be able to overthink it or overwork it. Lots I would have liked to tweak but happy with the end result. πŸ™‚

I hope to be sharing so much more with you all this year without letting my fears and doubts get in the way. I have so many new projects I can’t wait to share with you! Stay tuned to more from me both personally and professionally it’s time to step out of the shadows and allow myself to feel exposed and vulnerable. I will be ok, we will be ok!

Thank you for stopping by, so grateful to have you here! πŸ™‚
Michelle x

May Brisbane Tour, was so much fun :)

Wow what a fabulous trip I have just had to Brisbane, so many gorgeous businesses and amazing people.
It really did feed my soul and was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it all again x πŸ™‚

Here is a full view of the classes that I taught.

Thank you Karen at The Stampers Hut

Card Class by Michelle Grant
1 Canvas Perfectly Happy by Michelle Grant
1 Canvas by Michelle Grant
1 special memories by Michelle Grant

Thank you Toni at Scrappin With Style @ TJ’s

TJs Reverse Canvas Class Class by Michelle Grant
Wish Reverse Canvas by Michelle Grant

Thank you Debra at Bella Paperie

Shabby Chic Cards by Michelle Grant copy
Hope Dream Imagine by Michelle Grant
Uniquely You
lucky 2
a Our Story

Thank you Alison at Workshop Wonders

Workshop Wonders Class with Michelle Grant copy
Thankful by Michelle Grant

Thank you Alison for all that you do in making this all possible.
Thank you to all the new and old friends I have caught up with and made along the way πŸ™‚
What a fabulous time!

I hope to be back in November again!


2016 Teaching and Events Update

I have been very busy planning and designing some awesome classes to teach from the east to the west coast of Australia. Below is an update Teaching Tour Classes and Events. More still to come! πŸ™‚ I hope to see you there in my travels!! Love catching up with creative friends and getting messy across this beautiful country of ours πŸ™‚ xx

Cre8 til L8 ~ Cre8tive Escapes


We have a new name for our crop days for 2016 they are now called Cre8 til L8 ~ Cre8tive Escapes.
This is to be more appealing to all creative souls who need some time out with some like minded peeps.
These days are soooo Much fun and inspiring all bookings for the year are now open online HERE!

ScrapMedia Weekend WORKSHOPS

ScrapMedia workshop 14 may 2

August 13th ~ Mackay Art Society Hall
October 29th & 30th ~ Mackay Art Society Hall

May 2016

May – 19th – The Stampers Hut – Ashmore Qld
Card Class In the morning Cost $40 9.30-11.30am
Off the Page Canvas In the afternoon Cost $50 1-4pm
Scrapbook Layout in the evening $45 6-8pm
To book call the shop on 07 55395188, message us on facebook or email us on

Card Class by Michelle Grant


Reverse Canvas Class Class by Michelle Grant

Laayout Class by Michelle Grant

20th Scrappin May – 20th – With Style @ TJ’s – Logan QLD
Friday Night May 20thΒ  Starting at 6.30pm
Reverse Canvas Class $45
To book call the shop on

TJs Reverse Canvas Class Class by Michelle Grant

TJs Reverse Canvas Class Class by Michelle Grant

May – 21st – Bella Paperie – Brendale, QLD
Saturday May 21st
Shabby Chic Cards (4 cards) – $55 am
Girly Grunge Layout ClassΒ  ( various colors available) $42 Β  1pm – 3.30pm
To book call the shop on 07 3205 5911 Email – web –

Girly Grunge Layout Class by Michelle Grant copy

Shabby Chic Cards by Michelle Grant copy

May – 22nd – Workshop Wonders by Alison Bevis – Acacia Ridge, QLDΒ  (***SOLD OUT***)
Sunday May 22nd – 9am to 5pm
TeachingΒ  – Michelle Grant, Kerrie Gurney, Shelley McLean and Krisy Podolak

Workshop Wonders Event

Workshop Wonders Class with Michelle Grant copy

June 2016

June – 4th β€” Cre8 till L8 ~ Creative Escape
Demo: Art Journaling


June – 10thβ€”12thβ€”Teaching at Brisbane Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo
Brisbane Exhibition Center QLD

Book in HERE:
10th Canvas Feathers & Friends – 9.30am
10th Explore Serenity Mixed Media Canvas – 2.30pm
11th Canvas Feathers & Friends – 9.30am
11th Explore Serenity Mixed Media Canvas – 2.30pm (***SOLD OUT***)
12th Canvas Feathers & Friends – 9.30am
12th Explore Serenity Mixed Media Canvas – 2.30pm (Almost Full)

Shadow Canvas - Feathered Friends by Michelle Grant Class 1

Explore Serenity by Michelle Grant class 3

July 2016

May – 21st – The Scrapbook Store – North Perth, WA
July – 9th
Sat – Workshop – Mini Canvas Trust In Yourself $75Β  – 1.30pm
July – 10th Sun – Workshop – 12″x12″ Layout Unforgettable Moments $55Β  – 10am

Textured Canvas Trust in yourself Class with Michelle Grant copy
Unforgetttable Moments Layout Class by Michelle Grant copy

July 30th β€” Cre8 till L8 ~ Creative Escape


August 2016

Aug 13th – ScrapMedia Workshop Sat 9am to late (includes 2x Workshop Classes kits included) $135
Book in HERE – Mackay QLD

ScrapMedia workshop 14 may 2

Faux Encaustic Class by Michelle Grant copy copy copy

Water Colour Class by Michelle Grant copy copy copy

September 3rd
β€” Cre8 till L8 ~ Creative Escape

October 29th & 30thβ€” Weekend Workshop (details coming soon)

November 26th β€” Cre8 till L8 ~ Creative Escape

December 10th β€” Cre8 till L8 ~ Creative Escape

I hope you can all discover your creative dreams in 2016, here is to an inspired year of more creative fun πŸ™‚

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