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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #12

Day 12, already?? Where is the time going, it is flying by in the blink of an eye! Each week feels like it comes around quicker and quicker it just feels like deja vu each Friday.
I have had a very busy and productive day today, I have got all the dreaded paperwork in order for the wonderful Christine to enter tomorrow. Then we will start packing kits! It is getting so close now, still a bit to be done but I think everything is pretty much under control! I have already started planning the next workshop that will be on the 7th & 8th of September I will have a special guest tutor coming!! You definitely won’t want to miss that one! 
This morning all the whistler ducks were back, they are funny how they all perch themselves on the roof of the stables. I like the serious of shots I captured this morning.

 This one looks like they are saying “How are we going to get down from here?”
 “What about over here?” “You go first, no you go first!”

“Nope try this way!” “Follow Me!”

  LOL, Sorry small things amuse me! 
Maddie has settled in so well, she has filled out so much in a week, it is like she has always been here. So happy to have a dog around the house again. She is just beautiful. 
I love Friday nights one of my favourite shows is on, “So You Think You Can Dance” I think I have watched just about every season of the American version and loved the Aussie one when they had it! I hope they do another one here. So many totally amazing and talented dancers, what they can do with their bodies. 
After another late night last night I had an early start again this morning with Solar Panel guys here to fix some of our solar panels tuned up just after 7, they weren’t supposed to be here until 8. So my me time to do my morning pages was out the window this morning it was up go, and I don’t think I have stopped since my feet hit the floor today.
OK so I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow and another early start, think I will need an early night before midnight soon I am starting to get a bit weary! Will be nice if I can get a sleep in on Sunday!  I cooked the yummiest tea tonight too, Beef BBQ Ribs in the slow cooker, it was divine!
So I think I will leave it there for now the brain is a bit mush tonight!
Night All, Sweet Dreams x



I’m also such an SYTYCD fan!!! As my daughter was a dancer it was always our special program to watch when she was still at home.Just not the same watching it on my own. I just love you saying you cooked a tea…lol…for me it conjures up images of tea cups and teapots!Have a wonderful weekend spend with Maddie and all the other living, breathing creatures on your yard! Love reading and seeing them all!


Absolutely a hoot those birds!. I would spend way too much time watching them. hugs, t…

Debbie Kingston

Great shots and commentary of those birds ! Loved it. 🙂

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