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Life after 30 Days of Blog Lovin

I can’t believe I achieved that goal and made it to the end.  I needed a break yesterday. It hasn’t been a very productive week for me this week. So much to do so many things have to be done for the next workshop. So no time to waste that is for sure. We will have a special Guest Tutor all the way from Perth ~ Mistra Hoolahan coming over to teach a fabulous mixed media reverse canvas at the next workshop! You won’t want to miss that one! Bookings will be open in the next day or so.

I have had a mini meltdown after posting my day 30 post. I literally did an audible Gulp! I think I have been feeling very exposed since. I was hoping for more of a freeing feeling but I have been feeling very vulnerable. Its done, its out time to move on! Just wish I could give my motivation a kick up the arse now, I have really been struggling this past week! Its like all those insecurities have risen to the surface again! Really over this shit, wish I have more control over these feelings. 
I can’t believe it is Friday already, another week has flown by, I hope the next week is a better one!! Hoping to get a bit of creative time in tonight! Think I need it! 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #24

Day 24, Oh Boy, how is it that time just vanishes before our eyes. I still feel jet lagged from the weekend. Think I need some creative play time!  I have to say a huge thank you to Deb for helping me go through the kit room today and getting everything back in order. So that is one huge job ticked off my list this week, now to go through all the stock and get it all packed away again too. Other than that nothing exciting happened today.

Still have a heap of photos to go through, just wanted to share this group photo at the end of the weekend, What a fabulous bunch of ladies who really did make the weekend something special.
Thank you to each and every one of you xxx

Ok I working the courage up for a couple of posts that will be pretty deep. Not sure if I am quite ready for it, but I know it won’t just help me but others too. Wish me luck on that one!

Crap nearly midnight again already, I was planning of trying for an early night tonight. Umm what day is it today? Oh that’s right Wednesday well not for much longer anyway.

What has everyone been up too? What are your goals you are working towards this week??
This week is clean up and organise week (and try and fit a little R&R in) and next week will be business week. Lots of goals to be working towards!

Night, Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!

30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #22

Day 22!!  It has been a day of recovery mode today, I am still pretty weary tonight! I got some of the stuff packed away, still have more to do tomorrow. The lovely Sharon Dalton come out for a cuppa this morning, it was nice to sit back and relax for 5. So in all it has been a pretty quiet day today. It will be back to cleaning out and putting away tomorrow!
Don’t you hate the come down after a big event and after the lead up of all the work put into it! It was a fabulous weekend, I am so glad everyone had a great time 🙂 Now to start getting ready for the next one on the 7th & 8th of September. Lots of Surprises coming for that one too, and a very special guest will be coming! Can’t wait! Hopefully the next couple of months won’t be as full on as the last couple. I think I need to take a me day soon though and recharge the batteries to go again! 

This was the Resin Class I taught on the weekend! It was definitely a hit!!

Very wise words to live by here! Take another shot! Just go for it! Trust your gut and grow, I think I will be repeating these words over the next month!!! Time I let go of the self doubt, reflecting on what I have just achieved on the weekend, and I still find it hard to give myself a pat on the back.
The feed back so far has been all positive so I need really take that all in!

This was the reverse canvas I taught. These classes will be available online soon! 🙂

OK gorgeous people, my brain might have a little bit more time for reflecting for a couple of weeks now, I won’t be consumed with the workshop from daylight to dark, but I am hoping to concentrate on my business coaching for the next few weeks and really get some big dreams happening!!
Wish me luck! x

Night all, Might actually be in bed before midnight tonight, shock horror!! Most likely be up around 4am then! LOL but then again maybe not I have built up a fair bit of sleep debt lately!

Night x

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