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30 days of blog lovin – Day #21

Day 21, Home tonight after a huge day for the second day of my ScrapMedia workshop! I am in a slightly comatose state tonight! It was another fabulous day!

I got home around 7pm after packing everything up! Then I had to unpack everything out of the car, I had it half done before Wil come out to help me!
My legs, feet and back are killing me! Think I will allow myself to have a very quiet day tomorrow! I feel like I could sleep for a week! Tired would be an understatement lol! 
Anyway, all that stuff from the car has just made it to the dining room and table, I figure it will still be there in the morning! 

Time for another spring clean before it all goes back away tomorrow, that is if I can surface from bed! 

You think I would find a more comfy spot to get comatose in hey! Trying to find the energy for a shower and bed!  I don’t think I left anything of me on the table this weekend, I am spent!
Night all xxx

30 Days of blog lovin – Day #20

Day 20,What a Day it has been! Everything has gone smoothly and I think everyone is having a great time! Lots of Laughs and Creative fun! I am ready for bed now though, I think I will be asleep before my head hits the pillow!

I posted my blog post last night from bed on my phone for the first time and hit publish then crashed and I was feeling pretty pleased that I still got it done last night, only to discover when we got to the workshop this morning after the girls all said “What happened to your blog post last night????  I said I did it, but when I checked my phone it hadn’t gone through, so I hope that still counts, I did do it the night before well technically 90% of these blog posts have been done at midnight! LOL So I am right on cue tonight!!

Ok, I am fading fast now, I uploaded a couple of pics of the girls in action today on my Facebook page.

Another big day tomorrow then I can collapse in a heap! :O

Night xxx

30 Days of blog lovin – Day #19

Day 19?? Is it I hope so lol, this post comes from me to you while I am in bed and posting on my phone!

It has been another massive day today, the hall is all set up and ready to go and I think everything is now organized! Phew! And you know what! To bad if its not now! Lol

My fabulous helpers setting up tonight, Donna, Tracey & Rosie! Thanks Girls! Couldn’t have done it without you! And thank you to Rosie and Deb for helping to pack kits and also to Sharon and Tracey for all your help today too!

This place will be all abuzzz tomorrow! Can’t wait! I need at least 6 hours tonight after not getting to bed until after 3am last night!
Ok short and sweet again! I am a little on the buggered side tonight! 
Night All!!!
Me xxxx

30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #15

Day 15, Hiya! I hope everyone has had a productive Monday. I don’t think I have stopped today. Slowly getting everything in order for the workshop this weekend, Got a few more things ticked off my list and confirmed today. Still feeling like I need to catch up on some sleep. Had a day of feeling very much overwhelmed today.
Sorry I haven’t really got time to stop tonight for a decent post, but lets just say that I have been giving my future some serious consideration amongst all the calls and organizing today. The workshop has consumed my whole day today and I am just finishing up instructions before I head to bed. Fast running out of days and so much to do! 
I  don’t know if it is the stress of getting everything done and still waiting on orders or what it is but I have been feeling very overwhelmed today. I have had to keep ploughing through with everything that needs doing, I think I nearly ticked everything off my list today so that is a plus!

It will be all worth it in the end, I think the fact that I am still struggling with feeling tired today hasn’t been helping. Tomorrow is a new day hopefully I will feel like I am back on track again tomorrow!

Back to doing instructions, I will catch you all tomorrow! Thank you so much for your comments, they really do mean the world to me!!

Night x
Hugs xx

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