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30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #13

Day 13, Seriously where is the time going?? The days are just going past in a blur! Another very busy day today. An extra week this week wouldn’t go astray! Anyone got a spare one I can borrow??
The morning started out with getting side tracked with these gorgeous creatures this morning. Maddie will have been with us for one week tomorrow, it is hard to believe it feels like she has been here a lot longer. She has filled out so much in less than a week. I videoed her helping get the chooks in tonight, she is definitely a quick learner. I will have to upload the video on facebook or here tomorrow.

These two rabbits where up in the tree this morning, they had fun playing up there and just hanging around.

Fatso is our uncoordinated cat, so I was impressed she was up this high and didn’t fall out.

I love how they both found forks in the tree to park their fat arses! LOL

Sadie is our stealth cat, she can usually get up anywhere and in a very dainty fashion.
“Does this tree make my bum look big?? LOL”
So after the animal antics this morning it was time to get to work. Was a big day today. Poor Christine had a mountain of bookwork to enter, and Rosie come over and helped to pack some kits. Then Deb popped over this afternoon to help finish the packing. The challenge pack is all finished one kit down and 2 to go!

Chairs make great benches for packing kits, there was a kit on every spare bit of space.
Oh And yes that is a bag on Deb’s head, I send them looney around here! ROFL!!!!

Thank you so much to Christine, Rosie & Deb for your help today, really does help me so much. I usually struggle to ask for help and still do. Not sure if it is out of pride or what, a major part of it is not wanting to interrupt people as I know how busy everyone’s lives get.
   But the laughs and friendship hardly make it feel like you are working! It is so worth it. Many hands sure do make like work! 🙂

OK I am going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight only 30 min to go and I think I just might turn into a pumpkin tonight I am so tired! Feels like my eyes are hanging out of my head tonight!
Night all! More sorting and kit packing on the agenda tomorrow!

30 Days of Blog Lovin ~ Day #11

Day 11 and I nearly forgot tonight. I have been so busy with getting things organized for the workshop next weekend. It is all coming together. But my head has been overloaded today sorting paper work, sorting out the itinerary and sorting out a new website. Phew Now where was I up to?
There are only 2 spots left for the ScrapMedia Workshop, It can be for the weekend or you can come for the one day if it suits, either the Sat or the Sun. You can see more info about it HERE

Here is the sneak peek for the Resin class, I can’t wait to teach this one, it is going to be so much fun!
I am just waiting on a few things to finish the reverse canvas class!

Ok, I am looking at a new direction for my website now, so hopefully I will have the shop up sooner rather than later!! It has been a long 6 months waiting but I am moving on! Onwards and Upwards hopefully! It is a bit exciting, although my mind is trying to keep up at the moment!

It has been a long day today, I was up early this morning so I need to finish off a couple more things and head to bed. The Itinerary is done so I will get that out tomorrow!

 I am working my way up to a couple of topics that are pretty sensitive to me and I am not quiet sure if I am ready to share yet, But I think it will totally free me if I can! x
Sorry I am going to make this short and sweet tonight, I am soo tired. So I will catch you tomorrow.

Hope you have been having a productive week!
Hugs x

Month in Review – March 2013

Ok, think I am caught up again on my Month in review posts again! I am sure the end of  April will

be here before we know it too!
We had another Very Wet Month in March, I don’t think I got one sunset photo this month. The few we did have I was to busy to go out and capture.

Weekend Workshop
I had my first Weekend Workshop, I am so happy it was a huge success. I was exhausted for the week after it! A happy exhaustion though. Was such a busy lead up too it! You can read all about HERE in this post.
Also make sure you check out the competition I am running for a chance to win a spot at the next Weekend Retreat HERE
Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that helped this weekend such a success.
I shouted myself to a hot stone massage after the weekend workshop, it was amazing! I felt so rejuvenated after it!    

ScrapMedia KiTs & KiTs 2 Go
 So with the launch of my first weekend workshop also saw the launch of my first kits.
I will have ScrapMedia KiTs and KiTs 2 Go available very soon. There have been some hold ups with the web site going live, I am still waiting!

 These are samples of my ScrapMedia kits, these kits include mediums or tools and techniques!
They will  also come with a video tutorial.
Here are all the kits boxed up ready to go for the Weekend Workshop.
The KiTs 2 Go are easier kits to grab and go and include photo step by step instructions.
This is my makeshift Kit room for now, I made a couple of shelves in Leonii’s room.
Video Tutorial Table (Tut Table Top)
Our Tutorial Tables are still a work in Progress, So far I am happy with how they are turning out. I just have to edit the videos before I know for sure. Putting a white curtain over it also helped with the lighting it acted like a light box and reduced shadows. We hope to have these available to purchase soon. Just doing a couple more trials with them first.

What else do you do on a rainy day? Paint furniture and trims of course. I think this started with me putting something away and cleaning out one area, then I thought I might just paint this which then lead from one thing to another. I also give the Tut Table Top a coat of paint too.
I have to do some more studio/ office update soon too. I haven’t taken any updated photos since I swapped rooms with Wil.

Skin Checks
On a more sombre note, Don got his skin and moles checked at a top skin clinic in Mackay.
He ended up with 10 spots being flagged to come out. These were the first 2 off his back.
I have been worried about him for awhile as he has already had a malignant melanoma cut off his neck several years ago. Anyway the first 4 were all ok then the 5th one he had taken off his cheek come back as a stage 1 melanoma and he had to go back to get more taken off. Was a very worrying few days. He still has 5 more to go, so I am keeping everything crossed until he gets the all clear.

 Rain Rain and More Rain
 It really has rained on and off for a couple of months now, and more on than off!
At least it is just rain and not severe storms and flooding.

 The cows have spent a lot of time in the shed too! They are over the rain too!
 We get lake views down the back after 100ml or so.

Tilly’s Battle with another Snake
We nearly lost our dog Tilly to a Eastern Brown snake bite, the snake was longer than me. It was an expensive exercise to save her, but she is worth every penny!

 Here is the vet with the snake, Don had to race back home to get it for them to give her the right antivenin.
 Against all odds she was back home with us the next day, she was bleeding from the mouth all day on the day it happened, they were able to stop the bleeding with a blood transfusion.
I keep telling her she is getting too old to take on those big buggers.
 She was so happy to be home!

My Baby Turns 18
Holy Crap when did that happen, that makes me feel old. So proud of my Handsome young man!
He had a lovely night with friends, I was even brave enough to supervise on my own. They were no trouble at all though!



Works in Progress
I played in my studio while Wil had his party and started the backgrounds on several canvases.
These were all done with Modelling Paste, Gesso and Smooch Spritz and some stencils. I was just experimenting with creating different effects.

 This one is getting a girl with a bird painted on it! I will show you more progress on my Facebook page as I go.
Xena found a warm dry spot to curl up and keep an eye on me!
 Phew, no wonder I have been tired this month! No rest for the wicked hey!
Next month is showing no signs of slowing down either!
I hope March was all you wished it could have been too!
Wishing you all a Very Happy and Productive April xxx

Drowning in Social Media

Do you ever feel like that?? I am feeling like that alot lately.
Gone are the days when you could just start a business and buy some stock and do some advertising to start selling a service or product.
I am learning very quickly that a lot has changed in the last 10 years when it come to running a business in this day and age. The importance placed on Social Media is huge, and you need this one to connect to that one and so on. I have been learning about so many new media formats and have started countless new log ins and passwords. Some days I feel like I am drowning in it!
Keeping up with an online presence is a full time job on its own. I know I will get more efficient at managing my social media marketing but man there is a lot to take in!
I am determined to win the battle over social media and find that happy medium! 
I still have to do all the social media buttons for my blog yet! Another job still on the list!
How many is too many? What do we really need?
In the last 3 months I have set up Twitter (Although I have no idea how to use this yet), Instagram (Another one I haven’t used yet), Mailchimp – Newsletter (has taken me all day to get my head around this one, Facebook Business Page, Etsy (hopefully I will be able to open my Etsy store very soon), Evernote, Skype, Pinterest (I have had this one for awhile and love it!), Paypal Business account, Linked in, You Tube and many more accounts with online selling avenues, Art Groups & Workshops and more!

I have also designed my New Blog Make over and Logos and all the little bits and pieces that go with it! All this to set up an online store, but it wont be just any online store I will have a few different ventures and avenues that will be happening. I started out just setting up an online store to sell online kits and classes but after doing Kelly Rae’s Flying course I have also set up Michelle Grant desiGns and have so many other projects on the go too! I will also be doing weekend workshops here in Mackay with the first being on the 23rd & 24th of March. More details on this workshop coming soon.

I am still waiting on my online store Studio M desiGns to be built!
So it would be an understatement to say I have been a bit busy lately!
Keeping up with all the online community & DT commitments is going to take a bit of balancing for the next few months
But I know it will be all worth it in the end! I have had a lot of up and down days, and a lot of days where I think what the hell am I doing?? Then I just need to remind myself that I want to create financial freedom for my family so Don doesn’t have to work away from home. I just need to keep telling myself it will be all worth it!!!
But boy oh boy has it been a steep learning curve!!
Sharing more of me is still a bit scary for me, but a huge thank you for all the support, you guys are helping me overcome this fear!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I have had the general mum thing worrying about my kids these past few weeks, both are facing changes in their lives, Wiliam is pursuing a career in the army, and Leonii is moving into a house from the unit they are in at the moment and is also changing jobs. It is so hard when she is 12 hours away and cant help. I just have to hope we have given them enough belief, drive and ambition to achieve their dreams and find a happy path in life. I have another post to do of my weekend with Leonii last weekend and the Paint Mojo Workshop we attended! I haven’t had time to download the photos yet! Will put that on my list this weekend!

To end on a positive note we have a new internet provider for a quarter of the price, we were paying $320 for 50GB a month with Telstra and had crap service, now we can get 100GB for $59.95 and the service is way better and doesn’t drop out for hours on end!
So So happy about that!! Our internet dilemma has caused me more than a few grey hairs!!
Looking forward to working without delays and maybe being able to get to bed a bit earlier too!!

Just came across this post by Trina McClune – Creativity Takes Courage tonight about Creativity Takes Courage! Oh so true, and pursuing a creative business takes even more!!! I want to learn to follow my dreams and make them a reality so I can help lead the way for others to follow theirs!
I took this photo the other afternoon, you can’t really see it but it was lightly raining in front of the tree, with the sun shining in the background. It was really beautiful! I think I came up with this quote, but when you see so many I don’t know if it truly original from me or if I was inspired by something somewhere.  
So I will leave you on that note! I am off to bed now! Night All x

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